Our Intention

To create a sacred, loving and healing space that feels safe, welcoming and non-judgemental for our community. To bring together heart centred, authentic and spirited practitioners that feel a calling to help people awaken and reconnect to their own inner light. To honour wherever our clients are at in their own personal journey and to hold space for them to create an inspired life that is joyful and abundant.

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A Massage With Katie Lipman

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are compassionate, heart led, and spirited. They share the same vision and philosophies when it comes to your healing journey.

Two Hands holding Sacred Stones

Our Offerings

Our centre offers therapies for the mind, body, and spirit, events and seminars to lift and inspire, and a sacred store that carries inspirational, hand crafted, and organic items.

Katie Lipman's Massage Therapy Room

Our Sacred Space

From an authentic place of love, purpose and intention we have created a warm and welcoming space that provides our community with a sanctuary for healing.

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